Season 3 Episode 4 Dec 1, 2020

Explaining Code Through Analogies and Visualizations


Turns out, plumbing and coding have a lot in common


In this episode, we talk about explaining coding concepts through analogies and visualizations with Lydia Hallie, software engineering contractor, and Kevin Kornonenko, product manager at Tulip Interfaces and creator of the CodeAnalogies blog.


Ben Halpern

Forem - Co-founder

Ben Halpern is co-founder and webmaster of DEV/Forem.

Jess Lee

Forem - Co-founder

Jess Lee is co-founder of DEV.


Kevin Kononenko

Kevin Kononenko is the founder of CodeAnalogies and project manager at Tulip Interfaces. He is a cognitive psychology nerd and proud self-taught web developer.

Lydia Hallie

Vercel - Staff Developer Advocate

Lydia Hallie is a software consultant (JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, Serverless, AWS, Docker, Golang), international speaker, course instructor, and tech influencer with a great passion for coding.

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